Garden Leadership

    Executive Committee

  • Co-leads: Cathy Anderton
  • Secretary: Katy June-Friesen
  • Treasurer: Nathan Santry
  • Plot Coordinator: Judy Kendall

    Team Leads

  • Team Lead: Falani Spivey
  • Team Lead: Chris Doyle
  • Team Lead: Katie Ablard
  • Plot Monitors: Lisa Walker, Sophie Oriani, Dave Roeder

    Support Leads

  • Communications and Outreach: Marci LeFevre
  • Events: Gretchen Imahori
  • Website: Ilona Wolfe

  • Officers on the Executive Committee are elected by garden members during the fall meeting.
  • Team and Support Leads are appointed at the beginning of each year.
  • If you are interested in volunteering for any leadership position, please send an email to the co-leads.