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    Composting Questions

  • The numbers designate the stages of composting. Bin 1 is for new material. New material should be added ONLY to Bin 1. Bin 2 contains material that is beginning to compost. Bin 3 contains finished compost that may be used to amend your plot soil.

  • The following materials may be added to Bin 1:

    - Non-diseased, non-woody, green plant material, chopped into small pieces.
    - Finely divided cardboard and newspaper.

  • The following material should be tied into bundles or placed in paper lawn bags and placed on the curb in front of the main gate on Sunday for yard recycle pickup:

    - Woody, thick-stemmed plants such as tomato, eggplant, okra, corn, and sunflower.

    The following material should be placed in the trash can:

    - Diseased or bug-infested plant material.
    - Non-plant material such as string, plastic etc.

  • You should place over-ripe or rotting vegetables in the compost tumbler. Once the material is broken down it will be added to the regular compost bins.

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